Freedocast is a live broadcasting solution which enables the user to live stream instantly anywhere anytime. Broadcast simultaneously to multiple platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter/Periscope or any RTMP supported platform etc. Freedocast is a product by YuppTV, pioneer and one of the world’s largest online over-the-top (OTT) entertainment solutions provider.

Freedocast Live Streaming Platform is designed as a one-stop solution providing cloud transcoding & Adaptive Bitrate streaming for best viewing experience in low bandwidths, real-time analytics, viewer interactivity with chat moderation, Ad-integration, pay -per-view, geo-blocking & password protection for control of events.

Any external encoder can be used to go live through Freedocast Platform and simultaneously stream to multiple platforms.

Below are the Freedocast Platform Features

How to Start Live broadcast through Freedocast Platform?

  • Keep your external encoder device or software ready which broadcasts live video.
  • Connect your encoder to video source
  • Login to your Freedocast account at & go to events page.
  • Create a new event if the event is not created already by following steps in How do I create an event?
  • Click on button and then select ‘GET URL’ which will show a pop up with RTMP Stream URL & Stream Key.
  • Configure your encoder with the RTMP Stream URL & Stream Key obtained in above point iv
  • Start live streaming from the external encoder. The broadcast will be Live in the event whose Stream Key is provided to the external encoder.

Note: The Stream Key is valid only for a period of 24 hours

Learn more about broadcasting to multiple platforms How to broadcast live Simultaneously to multiple platforms through Freedocast Platform?

Your encoder need to support the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) in order to enable live broadcasting on multiple platform?

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