Live streaming applications through Freedocast Pro Device are tremendously profitable for common people as well as Massive organizations. Creation of channels, simultaneous live streaming to various social media websites, ad integration, white labeling, password protection and various other features like this are useful in the process of profiting.

However, in order to make the live streams profitable, one must go through a simple process of registering the device on the Freedocast platform by creating a new account which gives access to all the above-mentioned features. The registration is done in simple steps which are shown in the videos below. Check out the videos below to see the registration process.

To simplify the process even more, we have mentioned the steps below in the text

To Register the Device Sign into or Register a New Account

Step 1: Fill in your name and other details on the Sign-Up Page

Step 2: i)Enter your Phone Number.

ii)Enter the confirmation code sent to the phone number.

Step 3: Create New Password

Step 4: i)Verify your email id by tapping on Verify Now

ii)Enter the 4 Digit OTP

Step 5: Tap on Menu > Device Management

Step 6: Add New Device

Step 7: Enter Box ID

Step 8: Name your Freedocast Device

Step 9: Copy Pairing ID

Step 10: Tap on ß on the Top Left Corner

For Android

  • Paste Pairing ID
  • Select your Mode of Connection (Wi-Fi / Ethernet)
  • Enter the Credentials to give access

For iOS

  • Paste Pairing ID
  • Tap on Confirm


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