Flash Sales, one of the most popular techniques used by Companies to boost sales is an effective method. Be it in an event or online, Flash Sales help the companies to sell their products fast and to improve a brand’s reputation and trust among the people. Some companies offer discounts during the flash sales to make them successful and some arrange various fun activities in the events and give the products for free.

Either way, live streaming these sales has its benefits since people would love to know about the product through video and if it can be done in a way where they enjoy themselves, it would certainly be a massive success. Offering discounts on special days and showing the users how popular the product is, is one way to go at the live streams. Companies can also bring in celebrities to these events and let them speak to the audience for a while to increase the gathering. These live streams can be Crowd-pullers because of the celebrities and given the discounts, sales can easily go up.

Another method that can drive sales is to offer the product for free after organizing various fun activities at several cities simultaneously. While this takes tremendous effort, the response that is gained from these kinds of events especially to products that are new to the market is massive. This technique has been used a million times in the past and it had worked out most of the time. The events while letting people have fun, also let them know about the product and its specifications effortlessly.

Live Streaming this kind of event will be a challenge since there will be many elements to cover and in limited time. While the audience enjoys watching fun activities, any event prolonged will eventually bore the audience making them tune out. Perfect planning comprising every element of the event had to be made and carried out to the minute to keep them engaged. Heavy online and offline advertising is a necessity for these events since the physical turnout decides success. Celebrities and Influencers are always a bonus and if you can invite some, it will contribute to success.

Planning for an event this large requires heavy live streaming equipment including multiple cameras, microphones, lights, extra wires, tripods, and video and sound mixers. Simultaneous streaming on various platforms and Branding must be taken care of beforehand since any load at the time of broadcast adds extra stress which might spill into the quality of the broadcast.

Live Streaming product launches and flash sales in the initial stages of the product launch helps in building a loyal fan base to the product from the very beginning which can turn up the sales as the product gains success.

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