Since we have already established the highly regarded pros of Live streaming for Organizations as well as Individuals, let us find out some Tips and tricks to improve the quality of your live stream vastly. Live streaming while in theory seems easy, besides the planning and equipment or content preparation, there are plenty of miniature issues that are to be managed, for it to be truly loved by your target audience.

live streaming tipsSimple things which seem inconsequential can make a big difference in your live streams. Preparation of Off Screen Graphics, using wind protection on your microphones if you are shooting outdoors, using a cooling fan to stop your computer from overheating, being mindful of the sun when shooting outdoors are some of the things that require your attention. Being attentive of these elements can improve the quality of your live broadcast tremendously and make your live stream more enjoyable. For this reason, we have prepared a list of live streaming Tips to ensure a better output for your website or Facebook live broadcast. Check them out.

Before the Broadcast

  • Keep everything ready, the camera, cables, backup power source/ internet source, connecting cables, microphones, etc.
  • Keep the inventory separate from each other and label everything so that anyone can find the necessary item even in your absence.
  • Familiarize yourself with the equipment. Always run a trial stream If you are using a new camera or microphone or any other gear.
  • Take measures to keep your computer cool at all times. Outdoor shooting can cause plenty of problems like overheating. Use an umbrella or a Cooling fan to avoid this difficulty.
  • The sun also causes other troubles like the reflection or the glare, both of which can have a negative impact on your video. Usage of a press box can also be helpful in this situation.
  • Get everything ready before time. Run the live stream twice before actual broadcast time. If you discover something is wrong, replace each piece of equipment with the backup one after the other in order to isolate the problem.
  • If you are working with a Camera operator, spend time with him so that he knows the essence of the video and will be able to capture exactly according to your requirement.
  • Calling your broadcast provider to know if the broadcast is running properly always helps.

During the Broadcast

  • Lapel mics are always the best when the content contains a lot of speech. If the shoot is outdoors, always take extra care to minimize the background noise. Foam wind covers can provide the extra protection you need.
  • Always second check the lighting options. Too much lighting can kill the mood just as much as meager light.
  • A single colored shirt is preferable to stripes or checks pattern, on the person who is the face of the video.
  • The right camera angles can have a magical effect on the audience. Zero in on some angles and work your way according to them.
  • Prepare Offline Graphics for backgrounds to make your video look more vivid.
  • Interaction with the users is the key to any successful broadcast. Audience engagement builds a relationship with the audience which is more effective than a one-sided speech.
  • Your personality must reflect confidence. Rehearse as many times as you can and try to avoid last minute changes.
  • No matter how much you prepare, mistakes are bound to happen. Try to have fun while doing the broadcast and keep learning.

These are some of the live broadcasting tips to keep in mind while using live streaming devices or apps.


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