Broadcasting your Wedding to Friends and Relatives in India? Seems like an Odd Idea isn’t it? Not after you finish reading this.

Imagine a wedding, an Indian boy marrying an English Woman in England. The bride looks amazing in a traditional wedding dress. The groom looks ravishing, bold and all set for the wedding. The beautiful backyard in which the wedding is taking place, is filled with grass with petals of different flowers scattered innocuously and all the guests seated at the back dressed appropriately for an auspicious Indian wedding. The scene looks as serene as we see in the movies but is real and happening right in front of our eyes. The only thing that does not match the detail is the hidden pain in the eyes of the groom. He manages to hide it mostly but there is some tautness in his smile once in a while that gives it away.

You might be thinking that guy has achieved everything an Indian guy living on foreign soil dreams of: he got a white girl to marry him and given by the looks of he is happy and he has nothing to worry about. The major pain we Indians have when we arrange our marriages in a foreign country is that most of our family misses it. Being the kind of Sentimental people we are, it is really a painful thing to watch our friends and relatives miss the wedding. The same is true for the groom in this picture and a whole lot of others.

Live broadcast weddingsSure they can watch the video days later when the parents return but it is never the same. The contentment of watching an event in live will never be the same as watching it after ‘n’ number of days. There is no way we get the idea of relaying the event live because it seems almost out of reach of a common man.

But, what if there is a way to live broadcast your wedding, to as many places as you want? What if there is a solution to this problem where every one of your family and friends enjoy your marriage live from their own homes? What if there is a way to do all this, with the tiniest of amount and a device?

Check out our “Freedocast”, a device and a platform that lets you live stream all your events- be it a wedding ceremony, a birthday function, your graduation ceremony, your first speech or your corporate event. All you need to do is to connect this device to your HD Camera and start relaying. You can broadcast it on social media platforms and/ or your personal websites. Depending on the event that you want to telecast and the amount of audience you want to cover, Freedocast lets you live stream your event from any place to any place at any time.

With this device, there is no way that your relatives or your friends will ever miss the biggest event of your life. There will be no need for you to remain minutely unsatisfied that your grand parents are missing out on your graduation ceremony. Check out the device and its plans and packages to know more.


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