Any high-value addition to a Corporate business can be counted as a valuable asset when it serves a long-term purpose. Investing in a Professional DIY Studio Setup is a valid idea when Video Live streams are a regular occurrence in the Organization. A studio Setup while sounds expensive in theory, is essentially a cost-cutting process in the long run. The notion of a studio might bring the idea of Floodlights, High edge cameras, and other mammoth equipment like the ones you see on television. But in actuality, setting up of a studio is quite simple and inexpensive.

Before getting into the details of what the essentialities of setting up a DIY studio are, let us first examine how it can be an exceptional investment.

DIY Video Studio Setup
DIY Video Studio Setup
  • Investing in DIY studios greatly reduce the effort of consulting third-party operators every time there is a plan of live streaming your content. Renting the space, equipment each time can turn out to be quite expensive.
  • Even if the equipment is purchased, ensuring a safe transportation to a different place each time takes up a huge chunk of your time and can be a cause of stress.
  • Your own studio allows perfection in the video. All the camera angles, the lighting, and other requirements can be calculated down to exaction which allows the video to be perfected at every level.
  • Sudden Planning of events doesn’t need to be canceled because of the unavailability of the technical staff anymore.

Owing to countless benefits like these, the investment of organizations in a DIY studio appears a lot more sensual in its basic essence.

Let us now move on to the equipment necessary to develop a small size studio to be a part of your Organization.

1. The Space

Space allocation for the studio trumps any other requirement there is. While the selection of Space which meets the standards of a professional studio seems like a bit of a stretch, the primary specifications are pretty simple.

Choosing a place with no windows or a room whose windows can be covered at will, so that no natural light interferes with the artificial light source that has been set up will be perfect. See to it that the place is fully soundproof such that the noise from outside traffic, or the air conditioner, or an elevator doesn’t echo in the room.

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2. Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect that can make or break the quality levels of your live video. Investing in quality LED lighting that retains the natural hue in the video is a good idea. The preference of LED Lights owes to the fact that they don’t emanate heat causing the speaker to sweat On Air.

3. Cameras

High-Resolution Cameras are a prerequisite. A camera with good resolution and a Serial Digital Interface out feature is more likely to make a valuable addition. A camera with SDI features allows it to be locked onto the encoder providing an uninterrupted connection even if a person trips on the wire.

4. Microphones

Cardioid Patterned Mics are the best when it comes to rooms untreated for noises. These mics lack the ability to pick up sound from the back and are the most sensitive when it comes to capturing the sound at the front. Lavalier mics are also preferable to this end since they let the speaker stay hands-free and do not need to be conscious of speaking into the microphone. These mics are also extensively designed for the purpose of speaking and provide the clarity that is essential to keep the live broadcast smooth.

Multiple mics are preferred since the passing of mics between the speakers trims down the naturality of the conversation.

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5. Video Encoders

Hardware Video encoders are pretty high edge and can make your budget go rampant. But they are an essential part of the studio especially if there are more than one video and audio source. Software encoders are much cheaper compared to the Hardware and require a high-powered computer to run smoothly. Choosing a Video encoder software that enables a multicamera support and other features are advisable.

6. Video Delivery Solution

Look for a delivery network that is capable of delivering your content seamlessly even those that are intended for large audience globally from many locations. Only some of the CDNs are competent enough to offer security at such a large scale so that your content is restricted to the unauthorized users and maintain quality. The Freedocast platform offers you such network that can operate on a robust scale meeting all your security requirements along with additional features that allow you to integrate ads, help you build user engagement with Chat and Q & A Tools, etc.