Out of the innumerable applications of Live Streaming, DIY Crafts constitute a Great Deal. Live Streaming has proven to be amazingly beneficial to many of the sectors like Sports, Travel, Music, Events, Entertainment, Fashion, Cosmetic, and Entrepreneurs. Be it simple crafts like Makeup Tutorials or complicated affairs like Music events, Live Streaming has proven to be perfectly useful.

Another craft that hasn’t been discussed so far in any of our blogs is DIY Repairs of Electronic and Electric Appliances, Automobiles, etc. The craft though looks mighty complicated sometimes offer simple solutions that anyone can follow and do themselves. There are plenty of people who like to do small repairs themselves without approaching a professional. It’s the curiosity and the enthusiasm to learn new things that drive them.

There are many instances where people have been charged more for minuscule works by the professionals just because customers lack the knowledge of how to do it themselves. Though a customer possesses the time to learn, there is very little information on the internet that explains how to repair products. The sector of DIY Restorations is waiting to be explored and it could be one of the most profitable ones too. There is, of course, a danger of people hurting themselves, but a safer approach will always prove to be helpful.

Problems arising in most of the Electronic or Electric appliances or Automobiles are due to small aberrations like Wiring problems, Short Circuits, etc. These could be effortlessly fixed if one possesses the knowledge of tools of assembly, soldering, etc. The same goes for automobiles too. Power tools have made it easy for us to execute any kind of repairs in the house. Since Electronic or Electric appliances are no different, there are plenty of people who want to work with their own hands.

If a streamer can explain the disassembling and assembling of the appliance along with the means of fixing it, the audience is sure to follow. The only setback is with the camera angles and the lighting.  Perfect lighting is required for the job to be explained right. Some product repairs though can be shown using one camera, many of them require different views for them to be explained understandably. If this can be managed, there are myriad problems that can be sought and explained.

With live streaming devices like Freedocast Pro, since all the live stream videos are archived via the DVR feature, the videos can be reworked and posted later to increase the viewership. With perfect planning and execution, live stream of DIY Repairs can be profitable to the upcoming streamers.

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