News- The most important part of People’s Lives is now being distributed according to the TRP Ratings. News Channels on TVs is a medium that delivers the most relevant information from anywhere in the world to the ordinary people- Information that can cause people to think more, information that can make them take an action, information that makes them aware of the changes that are going on around, and finally, information that can help them.

But the current situation in the world is exactly the opposite and people, are being kept oblivious to the fact that major changes in history are happening and to the fact that, that information could make them take an action is not even reaching them. Part of the problem is censorship of media by the government and part of the problem is the people that are currently working in the media.

The recent example of this is the Antitrust Hearings that happened in the US. The historical Significance of these trials is inexplainable yet not a single one of the television channels in India broadcasted it. This cannot be considered censorship since no authority is stopping the news channels from broadcasting which means media is deliberately ignoring the broadcast of relevant information in favor of TRPs.

We’ve witnessed these kinds of situations multiple times over the past decades and it is hurting the collective in a significant way. We are collectively becoming an ignorant generation simply because our choices are being limited by the ones in power to provide them. People running after profits are turning a blind eye to the broadcast of truth and the common folk is paying the price.

The solution to this is media free hand and webspace is the only space that has the power to deliver it. Media is free to broadcast any kind of news on the webspace, yet they only choose to telecast the ones on television. The entire Indian nation witnessed the media ban in Kashmir during the enforcement of Article 370. Not one of the channels has jumped onto broadcasting the news on the webspace where there is limitless opportunity to deliver the truth to the people.

One easy way to do this is through live streaming News. Live streaming News lets you reach the entire world crossing the barriers of censorship for the right reasons. A Camera and Freedocast device are all you need to deliver important information to the people. Freedocast device lets streamers to broadcast any kind of information to the entire world on Social media platforms or to a website.

Using live streaming platforms like Freedocast takes out the concept of censorship when delivering the news giving you the benefit of accessing the liberties of webspace to the fullest. Since there are no boundaries present on the webspace, it is easier to get the message across the countries/ continents with a click.

Freedocast platform is equipped to stream video content across the world through an intelligently placed network of CDNs maintained by the platform. The platform uses Adaptive Bitrate Technology to deliver content to users with minimal internet speeds. It lets you create Playlists and comprises features like DVR, Password Protection, Geo-Blocking, Cloud Storage, and Analytics.

The device possesses a rechargeable battery, HDMI IN/ OUT, Mic In, and a Dongle slot to start streaming on the go. It can be controlled through a powered app that lets you add Logo, Graphics, Scrolling text, etc. Simultaneous broadcasting to boost audience reach is one of the best features of the device.

Freedocast is built to handle the organizational level of streaming which makes it capable of creating 24×7 live Streaming channels and delivering the content with zero latency making scalability a non-issue. Sign up for a Free Trial and Get Familiar with the platform Now.