Live streaming provided a great opportunity for the content providers to reach the entire world audience with just a laptop. With plenty of streaming sites that offer space, CDNs, streaming solutions, and other options to create and deliver the content online, content creators have had plenty of business opportunities opened up with this line of technology.

Taking that ease into its next level, Freedocast is offering its cloud playout platform to assist the content creators to deliver the content nonstop. Planning a live stream takes up plenty of time and energy with unguaranteed results. The recorded video though can be used later is not a solution if there isn’t a right platform to play it in. Social media pages are only as useful as the freshness of the content because social media always displays fresh content on the top.

With the world’s shift into streaming, there is already in the decline off tv viewership all around the world. Most of the recent movies, Television series, or other popular video content are gaining better viewership from streaming than from broadcast. This shift is going to explode soon crushing the broadcast industry with it. All the major content creators are creating their own streaming services to stream their content along with broadcasting online.

This shift though time and energy-consuming is a bit easier for the bigger organizations because of their resources. But for the independent creators, hiring developers, developing platforms, CDNs, and other relevant tasks require too much which seems practically impossible without raising funding. Easing this shift Freedocast has already developed a live streaming device that allowed creators to stream content in HD from anywhere in the world.

Stepping ahead of the constraints, it has now created a platform that enables the creators to stream unlimited content (recorded or live) 24×7. With Freedocast’s cloud playout solutions, creators can directly upload their content on to the Freedocast platform and run their own 24×7 channel online. The platform allows media management playout and live switch to switch between live and recorded content whenever it is necessary. Content Creators can run a full-fledged online channel with minimal work and maximum results.

Freedocast Cloud Playout solutions also offers the creators features to create playlists of their content, add graphics, Logos, Animations, with full control over the content from anywhere in the world. With these revolutionary options and incredibly easy to operate pedestal, content creators can concentrate on the creation of the content rather than the distribution of it. The social media presence and websites offer additional support to advertise the content which is all an independent creator can ask.

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