Live streaming a video to market your business or building your network or fan base is one of the trending marketing strategies right now. Businesses live streaming product launches, Films live streaming their audio launches, Authors live streaming Book Launches are some of the most common things that are happening now.

While live streams boost up the business, they can make a negative impact if not planned properly. Decent preparation and planning are the paths to success while lacking those might lead to disasters that can be deal-breakers to you or your businesses. There are some points that are necessary to keep in mind for the live stream to be a success. Check them out and live stream your video in Smart Profitable way.


Knowledge of the purpose of the broadcast is a prerequisite. Live Streaming could be done to achieve many goals like Increasing audience reach, growing your mailing list, generating leads, improving business, etc. The knowledge of your purpose lets you decide the topic of your video and steer it towards your end goal. If your aim is to reach more audience, ask the users to share the video. If it is to improve sales to a new product, provide the necessary means to purchase.

Live Streaming devices and Platform like Freedocast come with an integrated interactive feature that allows the users to chat directly with the streamer. Users can ask questions about products or simply comment about the stream. Interacting with the audience this way is probably the best way to engage them and make them feel like they’re a part of the family.


Determining the format of the broadcast is another important thing to focus on before streaming live. Formats like How-to, Question and Answer, Interviews, Product Revealing or unpacking etc. are among the most popular. However, one of the best ways to make the live stream a success is to diversify the subjects that you are going to present. This approach attracts different kinds of audiences which in turn adds to your reach augmenting the business.


Choosing the right platform to promote your broadcast is as prominent as the broadcast itself. Many of the businesses that own websites possess the idea that live streaming on their own websites is adequate. This limits the number of potential audiences that your live stream can reach. Choosing any one of the existing platforms can equally be inconsequential since you possess the option of streaming on them all.

Check platforms like Facebook live, Twitter, YouTube and compare the presence of your target audiences at the timing of your broadcast. Choose the time which can bring you more audience and promote the event accordingly. Release teaser videos, blast emails, Set Alerts and timely Reminders etc. to engage the audiences in every way. Make sure that you market the live stream properly before going live as premarketing is at the heart of live stream success.

Broadcast Simultaneously

Freedocast Live Streaming Device and platform lets you broadcast simultaneously on various social media platforms along with RTML URL that can double your audience reach. Since DVR feature is a given in the platform, you can also promote your live stream offline after the broadcast.

Other features that are available on the platform comprise of Password protection of live streams, Geo-Restriction, Cloud Recording, Ad Integration, etc. With all these features live streaming becomes easier than ever even for a novice. Check out our other articles about live streaming to learn more. Sign up to experience all the features directly.