A New year inspires a Fresh Start. Going for that live streaming business upgrade in your Event organising business, starting that live streaming channel that you have always wanted to start, setting up that DIY studio for your small time Start-Up or setting up your own business involving live streaming.

Buy Device and Get Premium Platform for 2 MonthsBecause now is a good time to test the waters of live streaming because Freedocast offers you a 2-month trial period of its most popular platform plan – The Premium Plan when you register the Freedocast device. If you haven’t registered your device on the platform yet, this would be the right time to do so and test the limitless possibilities of the device and the platform.

Live streaming, though is marginally a simple process, in order to achieve the required quality and make the maximum of it, requires a decent number of features. Features which let you monitor and analyse the strength of your stream like Analytics, Geo-Blocking, etc., are available with the premium plan. These features which give us the most crucial data about the performance of video live stream can now be tested for free.

Details of the offer

With the registration of the Freedocast device on the platform, one can avail 300 GB Bandwidth and 200 GB of Storage right away. Along with these, features like streaming to custom RTMP Destination, RTMP Encoder setup, Embed URL, Branding, and Email and Call Support will be provided for free. Additional features like Analytics and Geo-Blocking, which are unavailable on the basic plan are available on Premium plan. The additional storage price which used to be priced at $0.2/GB has been reduced to $0.13/GB as a part of the offer.

Device Registration

If you already own the Freedocast device, follow the below-mentioned steps to register the device and avail the free trial. If you don’t own the device, Buy it here at Amazon.


New User
New users can register the Device as a part of the Sign Up Process.
Registered Users
• Go to Device Management on your Freedocast Pro App.
• Click on Add Device.
• Enter the BOX ID (Six Digit Code on the back of your Device).
• Enter your Credit Card Details.
• Go Live.