The internet gave way to a free flow of information like never before. With the advancements in the technology, it has become easier to send/ receive audio files, video files and a lot more with a simple click of the mouse. As the world is moving closer to the digital era, uninterrupted communication (be it one-sided or two-sided) from one end of the earth to another became an unusually simpler concept than it was 20 years ago.

Live Streaming PlatformThis gave rise to plenty of new platforms that allowed people to share information to the world offline and in live. YouTube is one of the successful platforms that allowed this kind of information transfer. Facebook came up next allowing a live streaming video transfer right from the mobiles. Beautiful as the concept is, it has its own limitations. All these platforms were user based and were highly beneficial to the users who want to share their content with the world. This led to quality depletion and restricted the audience reach to that particular platform which made the professionals turn away from them and look for a better solution.

The video live streaming platforms that followed with a better technology, gave way to a higher range of possibilities and became the go-to place for all the professional broadcasters. Because of the features offered like HD live streaming, Ad integration, password protection, geo-restriction etc., and the massive audience reach that was gained by the simultaneous broadcast of their content on various social media platforms and RTML URLs, these were preferred by the professional content providers.

The usage of live streaming platforms has risen so abruptly, that they have now become accessible to even a common man with limited resources. The platforms allow any person to broadcast their own content to various destinations easily. A laptop, a camera, and a microphone are all that is required to create a channel of your choice and broadcast live content. If you can buy copyrighted content from people, the channel can be made professional like a full-fledged content provider.

How to Create an Online Channel

Creation of online channel requires you to acquire digital space first which is offered by the platforms. Given the extent of your content and the time required to broadcast it, there are different plans offered by the live streaming platforms. In Freedocast platform, three plans Basic, Premium, and Enterprise, exist for the providers to choose from. The Enterprise gives the users a customized plan in which there are plenty of options that enhance the viewing experience.

A software of a hardware encoder is essential for the conservation of data and live streaming in a format that is compatible in the majority of the devices. Software encoders like OBS can be used for this purpose. After making the video live in the selected event on the platform, copy the embed URL from the live video and share it on the player on your personal website. If you are not familiar with the process of going live through an external encoder read our article about External Encoders here – What is Encoder? How does it help in Live Streaming

Once your content is live, you can share it in your circles through social media or any medium required. The fact that Freedocast allows simultaneous sharing of live feeds on all social media, lets you gather more audience and can make them come back for more if the content is interesting. Once a consistent number of audience stay hooked to the channel using the ad integration feature, start featuring Pre-Roll Video Ads.

Branding Feature

Using the branding feature, you can even upload your own logo and make it visible on every video on the channel. Having your own logo on the video keeps the content even more protected and is also beneficial from a business point of view.

The process though looks exorbitant but can become a steady source of income once you gain a handle on it.

Since the preferential medium of the audience is overtly converting from satellite to television, being one of the first few to get into the video live streaming business might prove incredibly profitable for the visionaries. Check out all the features of Freedocast by signing up for a free trial Now. Click below and fill in the details to avail a free trial.

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