Do you know that tutorials occupy more than 40% of the whole beauty content available on YouTube? Of which makeup tutorials occupy 51% and hair tutorials are close to 30% making the both the most searched topics in the video sharing websites. This is the reason why live streaming Hair, Makeup and Beauty Tutorials can be a highly profitable business proposition.

Let us see how beauty tutorials can be beneficial to the live streamers

Live Stream Makeup TutorialsMakeup and Beauty

The use of cosmetics by the common populace is growing by the day. New products are being introduced in the market by thousands and the people trying new ways to look gorgeous are growing exponentially. People have become more conscious about the way they present themselves and started recognizing the importance of using the beauty products the right way.

Beauty products are within an arm’s reach for the majority of the population but the information letting people know how to use them isn’t readily available. People have been turning to videos from YouTube and other Cosmetic Tutorial Blogs for the necessary information which usually seems complex or contradictory after 3 or more articles/ videos. Though offline videos carry a comfort of pausing the video whenever you want, some issues are inevitable like being unable to interact with the artist hosting the video, being unable to ask any doubts etc.

Live streaming provides a perfect solution for these issues as it allows the users to interact with the artist in real time and clear their doubts on the spot. The artist can provide the list of things that are necessary, a few days before the live stream through social media updates.

Skincare Tips

The same goes for people giving beauty tips about Face, Skin etc. Cosmetology Experts, Skin Experts, etc., can give their advice in live and interact with the users at the same time to clear any doubts they have. The advantage of doing live streams is that there would be a trust build up between the user and the host which would encourage them to interact more and come back again. Stuff like immediate relief tips for some minor complications would make a great subject for live streaming too.


Hair care and hairdressing methods which occupy the highest percentage in the YouTube content related to the Makeup and Beauty is another perfect subject for live streaming. The issue of interaction is common here too. As it proves to be advantageous there, live streaming also helps the hair experts consider the needs of the audience and explain their subject in a better and understandable way. Live streamers who take up this subject can give some Hair care tips in the gaps too if they are considerably longer.

Some Other Benefits

Other than interacting with the audience, live streaming enables the streamers, or the artists to reach more audience easily. With a simple device like Freedocast which lets the users live stream on multiple platforms simultaneously, artists can instantly direct their video live stream towards the interested population on any platform.

Also, the offline videos while are neatly organised and edited, carry a superficial image of the people doing the makeup which can be mistaken for being artificial. This factor inhibits the development of trust between the person doing the video and the users.

Though live streaming is a bit pricey, the advantages outweigh the minor disadvantages. So, if you are already on a career making path with hair, makeup or beauty tip tutorials or want to start one try live video streaming.

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