What is Broadcast?

The process of Broadcast involves the use of one signal directed to many receivers. In this case, every individual device receives the same signal simultaneously. The broadcast connection speeds are close to the speed of light. The majorly known broadcast mediums are television and radio. In both the cases, the broadcasting involves the use of high power internal or external antenna. The signal is collected at a specific frequency to which every individual can tune in. The broadcast can either be done in an analog way as it used to be in the previous years or can be achieved digitally as it is done in the current years after the ban on analog transmission in most of the countries if not all.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming, on the other hand, involves a 1 to 1 relationship, it sends different signals to different users simultaneously. In a live stream, the provider will have to send various signals to different viewers even if they started watching at the same time. For instance, a group of people watching a youtube video in different places at the same time will be supplied with different copies of one packet that makes the frame of the video, of which, each takes the different directional path to given address and the requesting device.

broadcast and live stream

Differences between Broadcast and Live Stream

Broadcast and live stream though differ at an elementary level serve the same purpose of transmitting information from one part of the world to the other. Broadcasting technology, since is the first one to have been invented and is widely used all over the world has a wider reach of audience. Live streaming is relatively new and is gathering the attention of the technological world recently with the increased usage of internet.

The major difference between broadcast and the live stream is that live stream is relatively cheaper than broadcast. Broadcast involves some heavy equipment to reach the target audience but with live stream, one can easily reach any part of the world. While Broadcast is restricted to a country and is bound by plenty of regulations which differ with the country, Live stream, on the other hand, isn’t as much regulated which makes all the difference.


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