The benefits of live streaming devotional Worships throughout the world have been discussed previously. Live Streaming Sermons have myriad advantages like cost efficiency but are energy-consuming. They require plenty of preparation and equipment to carry out to perfection. If needed to be carried out at a large scale, Live streaming would demand a lot of manpower too.

Devotional Organizations, since they have plenty of content to share with the world, might find it difficult to prepare for the live stream every single team there is a sermon or worship. Live streaming works best for a few special occasions over a while. But when there is massive content that would require broadcast all day, live streaming would not suffice.

Another alternative that exists is to buy space on a network and promote the content 24×7. But this would be possible only for the Temples or Churches that can afford such high maintenance which is few. And even if that were possible, in this age of streaming over the internet, Satellite’s reach is constricted to a few regions within the country. While live streaming is the solution to this problem, as discussed before, live streaming consumes resources and requires energy that makes it impossible to stream all the time.

Freedocast Cloud Playout solutions come as a solution to this problem since the cloud playout software helps the content developers and providers to upload their content, create and manage playlists, and broadcast it 24×7 on OTT platforms and other websites. As this is not geo-restricted, the content reach will be maximized while being cost-efficient and energy conserving. Since the cloud broadcasting also comprises of features Graphics, Branding, etc., it would be beneficial to the content providers to edit the content or let their name heard till far.

Content provision through Freedocast Cloud Playout solutions is like running a full-time channel without the drudgery of buying servers, maintaining them, etc. The entire job of broadcasting the sermons, worship, choir practices, etc., can be maintained by one or two individuals alone. While Streaming Devotional content is more about spreading the message than monetizing it, the content can be allowed to broadcast for free until it reaches a certain number of audiences. Since monetization will be automatic from that point, that could be reinvested into making more content.

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