There are plenty of ways to do live streaming the right and most perfect way, but not always does the content or the quality ensure a better reach. A Plethora of techniques to improve the reach of the live stream have been discussed in the past individually. For an easier understanding, we have surmised all of them into one article for you. Check it out.


One of the most basic methods used to increase the reach and the number of loyal fans to your live streams is Marketing. Whether you invest time or money, letting a large number of people know about the live stream is one of the most important aspects of increasing your reach. The social media platform is the best place to do marketing. Due to the increased presence of people in social media, every small news is making its way to many people. So, a month before you start your broadcast, create a page for the broadcast and gather and let the news float. You can ask everyone to share the information for better exposure. Promote it on Facebook and Instagram through campaigns if you have a little money to spare.


The next biggest step, Quality of the live stream. You can make sure that people reach your live streams in large numbers through various means but if the quality of the broadcast is low, the audience will never come back. Making sure to use the right equipment for the live stream, taking good care of the lighting, and broadcasting with limited interference and disturbances are some of the things to be handled. Perfect planning and minute to minute execution will keep the audience engaged and makes them return to your next broadcasts.


Keep the frequency of your live streams consistent. Don’t wait for too long that your audience forgets about the previous streams and visit the consequent stream without any clue. The memory of your stream must always be fresh in the audience’s mind so that they know what to expect.


Make the recorded videos of the live stream available in your pages/ website for the audience to watch when they need to. This is also great for network building since the snippets if they are attractive, funny, and share-worthy will be shared by the users to their friends and family which in-turn increases the audiences’ number in the next live stream.

Length of live stream

Make your live streams Lengthy. The world is going after shorter videos and it is quite counterintuitive to suggest that Live streams need to be lengthy. But, it is a good option if you have the right content that can engage the audience for a longer time. Stand up comedies, for example, have a fantastic history of keeping the audience glued to the screen. Once the audience has an idea of what they are in for, it is quite easy to keep them engaged but for them to get that idea, it will take some warming up which requires time. A 30-60 minute live stream is considered optimum and if your stream is in this threshold, you are good to go.