It cannot be emphasized enough that high-quality crystal-clear audio is as important as a good quality video in a live stream. Half the credit of engagement of any live streaming video can be attributed to the audio since a good quality audio makes the audience listen to the video attentively. And this can only be achieved with the use of a quality microphone.

Microphones for Live StreamingThough many alternatives to reduce noise and clear the background are available in a sound mixer, the usage of good microphone stays at the base of a live stream. Be it an indoor program or an outdoor one, the selection of microphone decides the success of your live streaming video.

How do we select a good microphone for the live stream?

This question pops up every time an individual or a live streaming group decides on a video. To provide a better perspective, here are some tips on selecting an appropriate microphone.



Microphone must be selected depending on the location of the video shoot. If it is indoors, handheld mics, lapel mics are of better service. Different types of mics are used for interviews, singing and other purposes. Lapel mics are best suited for interviews and seminars since they capture most of the sound from the speaker with minimum disturbance.

Another choice for indoor audio enhancements are Desktop mics which individual live streamers can use for better audio quality. Since audio from built-in mics is not very reliable, it is always suggested to use a desktop mic when you are streaming from desktop or a laptop.


Directional and Omni Directional mics are used according to the specificity. Directional mics pick up sound from a specific direction while omni directional mics pickup from all directions. If the video is being shot outdoors, then directional mics are helpful since they avoid the noise from wind etc. Foam covers for the mics are also useful for background noise reduction in an outdoor shoot.

Using a good quality microphone along with a sound mixer enhances the user’s experience well and helps in the engagement of live streaming video and also increases your reach exponentially.