Live Streaming’s plethora of benefits has been discussed in a wide range across the internet. But many of them fail to mention about the most important medium that can benefit more than all other existing social media platforms.

LivYouTube Livee streaming on multiple platforms is a beneficial process when there are a considerable number of users following your page. But when you want to stick to a single platform for your broadcast, there is a necessity to check for the best platform to live stream your video. Given each platform has its own benefits, choosing the best among the three most popular social platforms is a burdensome task. So, here is a little background on the benefits of live streaming to YouTube.

High-Quality Streaming

YouTube allows high-quality streaming which is more productive for businesses and breaking news. In comparison, the video quality offered by YouTube is much better than that of Facebook and Twitter. Since content quality outdoes any of the features, the target audience will more likely be impressed and stay on the video for long.

Prerequisite for Crispness

Both the social mediums lag behind YouTube is that YouTube is a video library whereas Facebook and Twitter are real-time information sources. Evergreen content doesn’t get much attention on Facebook and Twitter due to the essentiality it creates for latest updates. Also, the essentiality for crisp and precise information in fewer words makes it less likely that full-length videos capture as much attention as smaller ones. This puts YouTube ahead of the game for broadcasting.


Monetization is another factor that leads you towards YouTube. Streaming to YouTube live is only possible if the channel or the user has more than certain number subscribers. This is another factor that lets the maintenance of the quality among broadcasters and maintains the quality without financial assessment. While quality maintenance is the key factor that lets the users choose YouTube over other platforms, ad revenues are the main reason that makes YouTube a better choice than the other two.

Search Efficiency

YouTube is a video library which holds only videos from all across the world. Contrast to the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube offers a search option to search all the available videos. Every video on the platform is stored in the relevant category which, on searching, will be made available immediately. This is another factor that is hugely profitable for the businesses.


Any web platform is unrestricted and free from censor which allows people to be as creative as possible. Censor free videos always retain the originality of the video which applies to the live stream. It is not just about the language. It may be about a social issue or a political one, Censor always cutbacks the effect. This is one of the broadcasting benefits of YouTube as it is less restricted than the other media.

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