Destination Weddings, a term popularly associated with Celebrities and Rich People has gained some popularity among the common people because of exotic nature and many benefits. While many people still lay in the dark about destination weddings, this article helps you gain some insight about them and how live streaming destination weddings can make it better for the people who want to get married in exotic locales.

Live streaming a Destination WeddingA destination wedding doesn’t always have to be in luxury hotels and resorts in Italy, the Caribbean or the exotic islands far from home. A common definition of Destination Weddings is that it must be more than 100 miles away from the bride’s house. So, it can be in an exquisite beach or a meticulous castle, a blissful mountaintop or a lush green vineyard. A place with an extraordinary backdrop is all you need to say, “I do”.

One of the main reasons people opting to marry in exotic locations instead of a church close to home is because of its unconventionality. Since the locale would be new to you or the guests who arrive, exploration of the place can rev up the energies for everybody. Destination weddings usually give out a vacation-like experience which tends to be memorable than a normal wedding.

Also, studies have concluded that destination weddings would cost less than the conventional weddings due to the reduced guest list. Since only the near and dear are invited, the number will be massively reduced and can help you save more money. Choosing locations with a better exchange rate can also be helpful. You can always throw an after-wedding party for the colleagues and other acquaintances who aren’t invited to the wedding or missed it for various reasons.

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Where does live streaming come in all this?

An exotic location always makes up for a good video- Beach and Sun Set in the Background, a beautifully decorated stone castle, or an artificial pedestal with flowers set at the edge of the mountaintop. Though it is not customary to invite every person we know to the wedding, many people would want to witness the wedding and we want many people to be a witness. Some people might not be able to attend the wedding even if there is an invitation especially if it is in a foreign country or a location that is difficult to travel.

It is in circumstances like these, live streaming proves to be a perfectly satisfactory solution. Live streaming increases the attendance of the wedding especially if it is a destination wedding. It provides the people who are unable to attend the wedding an option to virtually attend and lets them witness something beautiful and unconventional.

Usage of simple smartphones to live stream important events like this does not achieve the required audio and video clarity and can be difficult for the audience to watch all the way through. This is where live streaming devices like Freedocast come in. The Freedocast device gives the users an ability to connect a high-resolution camera and a microphone to achieve the essential quality and live streams the input feed online to any corner of the world with a simple tap. The device streams the live video to personal RTMP URLs which can be shared with your loved ones, giving them the access to the live streaming of your destination wedding.