The meteoric rise in Podcasts in recent times is a testament to people’s interest in audio streaming. Many Hollywood and Bollywood stars, comedians, spokespersons, activists, are participating actively in various podcasts organized by Radio stations and other channels. Audio streaming was majorly used for Music in the past as Online Radio, but this has changed in recent times and many of the hosts are conducting interviews, giving out speeches, etc.

Podcasts have become highly popular and as online radio caught up with the world, many people started listening to podcasts as much as they listened to music. Since the number of podcast listeners spiked heavily, countless opportunities have emerged to deliver content. This blog explores these options and explains how audio streaming can be done easily through Freedocast cloud playout solutions.

As we have iterated time and again, Freedocast Cloud Playout offers video streaming solutions making the process effortless and highly effective. The same can be applied to audio streaming and one can begin his own online radio channel using the Freedocast platform. Since there is no requirement for video, live streamers can share a screen with the cover image of the podcast and run a broadcast in the background.

Just like a video channel, you can upload the files in your Freedocast Cloud playout account, create a playlist and start broadcasting right away. You can also schedule a live podcast at a certain time and can gather the audience for the podcast by advertising it enough on the social media platforms. The podcasts can be made available to the audience later through Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.

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With features like branding on the Freedocast platform, the content on the podcast can be personified, and with Ad Integration Freedocast even allows the monetization of the content. Organizations can use live streaming to broadcast their own speeches, important announcements, etc. Many of the fashion outlets use online radio to let people know about the latest offers, product launches, events, etc.

Audio Streaming is the most cost-effective method to deliver the content while keeping your audience entertained all along. Freedocast platform also offers streaming to a specific RTML URL, enabling the streamers to integrate the audio stream on their websites. By doing so, websites can offer all the content offline for the audience to listen to later. Sharing these podcasts on various media can enable monetization from social media platforms and allow for more audience reach.

Check out Freedocast Cloud Playout Solutions to know all about the ease of audio streaming and distributing them effortlessly. Request a Demo (link) by clicking here to experience the platform firsthand.

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