One of the many benefits of Live Streaming is the enhanced interaction of Live Streamers with their audience. Be it a Live Learning session, a Workout, or a Live Interview, Freedocast’s Live Chat option will make audience interaction better than ever.

It is not uncommon for us to see actresses and celebrities conducting an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions on their Instagram or Facebook pages. Users will be asking some questions in chat and celebrities will answer them instantaneously on video. This works great with trivia and with topics that require just verbal explanations. Even if the video is available, the level of clarity that can be achieved using a smartphone would not prove adequate for purposes where a great level of detail is required.

There are live streams that require explanations through various means like charts, figures, videos, etc. It is nearly impossible to conduct AMA sessions for streams like these where vocals are good, but the video is rusty. This complication can be overcome by using a high-resolution video camera but then arises the problem of gaining the input and streaming the video. One can use software to stream but the third-party software might be unreliable. This is where live streaming devices come in. Live streaming devices like Freedocast lets you connect a high-resolution camera and a microphone to the device and streams it directly on your set destinations.

Before jumping into how live streaming devices assist, let us see what kind of topics require a high-resolution video and audio and how live streaming devices are beneficial in this.

Live Online Tutoring

Live Online Tutoring of subjects requires a session where a tutor is required to clear his doubts on the spot. Some subjects require elaborate solutions, charts, diagrams, or other means in order for the learner to understand better. These necessitate the streamer to zoom in on the diagrams or change the screens in order to explain better. Some explanations demand video analogies for better understanding. For these, a Smartphone with a Camera is never adequate.

Corporate Interactive Sessions

A President of a Large Organization doesn’t often gain a chance to interact with the employees. “Ask me Anything” sessions help bring out the morale of the employees and is the best way to exchange ideas. Significant announcements that deliver good news to the employees or the company can be announced through these sessions by the President or the CEO of the company.

As mentioned, Live Streaming Devices like Freedocast Pro would work wonders for these tasks. The high-resolution camera and the microphone makes up for the a/v clarity. The device can stream directly to the select social media platforms and RTMP URLs without extra effort. The options can be selected using the Freedocast Pro App. “How To Go Live On Facebook Using Freedocast”

Freedocast Platform allows live chat sessions for the streamers to answer all the questions promptly and in detail through the device. The platform even allows Video embedding, Branding, Geo Restriction, Password Protection, Live DVR, VOD Archive, and Ad Integration making it easier for the streamers to get their message across. The archival allows them to share the videos after the live stream creating a buzz for an extended amount of time.

Check out Freedocast Live Streaming Device and Platform for all the features available. Sign up for a Free Trial to experience the best professional live streaming platform for 7 days. Click the below link and fill in the details.

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