It cannot be repeated too often that the right kind of advertising constitutes a great part of the event’s success. This is true for any big event that requires a large audience. There is no definite path to achieve the number but when you can reach the right kind of audience or make your event notoriously famous among various circles, one can observe an upsurge in the chances of achieving it.

But this kind of advertising consumes a large chunk of your finances which is only possible if it is an established organization that can afford it. This is highly impossible for an entrepreneur who is struggling to make a name for himself in the world or a startup that is launching its first product. So, gaining an audience is the only setback that the entire race of live streamers face.

Maximize your Audience Reach via Advertising in Social Media

How to advertise your pre-planned Live streaming event on social mediaThe solution to this problem is building you and your company a reputation online (in social media) and staying in touch with them regularly. This gives you a stable audience that is interested in your company, or your product and who wants to know every update about it. The next move is to make them knowledgeable about your live broadcasting event, which is using social media advertising.

This means placing advertisements through your page/ channel/account on various social media platforms to let the audience know about the event. This kind of marketing works great for small businesses as it costs way less than advertising in mainstream media. There are many questions in people like how to promote a live event using social media, can it help gain a considerable audience, etc. But using social media marketing has been proven as an efficient way to gain the audience.

But the strategy works only if you follow some social media marketing tips which can gain you the essential exposure and lead you to the path of success. For your benefit, we have listed out these strategies for you below. Check them out.

Constant Updates

Build a suspense. Make the timing and partial content of your event known to every user among your followers. Images catch more attention than text. Try to create images comprising of the appealing information about the event.

Create Images, Teasers, and Trailers

Choose the appropriate images (general) to let the users know what the event will be about. Make teasers of your preparations, rehearsals, etc. Invest on trailers that let the users know about the content that is going to be covered in the event and how it will help them.

Youtube Video Advertising

Video advertising on Youtube lets you reach even more audience particularly if the video becomes viral. Youtube videos reach a wider audience and have more chances of being shared on other social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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Cover every Social Media Platform

While Advertising, try to cover all the major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Periscope. Let them know where they can watch the live stream. Ask them to share the URL as much as they can.

Guests Attending

If there are any reputable personalities that are attending your event as Chief Guests, make the audience know about it. Using a person’s reputation to sell products is one of the most basic marketing technique.

Email Blasts

If you are in possession of a strong user base, you can use it to send mass emails and let the users know about the upcoming event along with the platform/ URL that you are going to live stream and the timing. This conventional technique will be of mighty help when it comes to advertising.

Choose a platform that gains you a maximum audience

Live streams on type one social platform may not gain you as much engagement as in another. Check the analytics. Choose the right platform where your target audience is more likely to be online and live stream in that.


The timing of the live stream is of major importance. Select a time when the most number of users are online. Weekends are the best time for an entertainment event. If it is Official like a conference and is beneficial to office going populace, weekdays may work like a magic. Always check the analytics before you set the time.

Live stream on Multiple platforms

Using devices like Freedocast, events can live streamed simultaneously on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Periscope. Investing in devices like these can double up your reach instantly.


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