Friday, July 23, 2010

"EDUCASTING" is the new BUZZ...!!!

FREEDOCAST now to join hands with EDUCATION sector..!!Learn while you play, with FREEDOCAST...!!!
Armed with Blackberry's, laptops, i-phones and other gadgets, and plugged in 24x7, we prefer communicating through emails and messaging rather than face to face. We would rather have Webinars and online technology than traditional lecture based presentations.
To be part of this supersonic paced world, Freedocast contributes its part by making its platform available for Universities, colleges, and schools.
Freedocast as a service provider, now rolls out its technology to enable LIVE interactive broadcast of classroom sessions on your own website.
Start "EDUCASTING" & you could:
– Reach millions of people beyond your class room, thus breaking the barriers of geographical boundaries.
– Create virtual classroom. Share your desktop with anyone across the globe, thus making online distance education even more effective, faster and interactive.
– Impart training and management programs in a much more effective manner.
– Manage Social welfare programs for rural parts of the world just at a click of your finger.
– Now, Be a part of the global intellectual community and research based programs, thus leading to global interaction.
Not just that, life gets a little less complicated .......!! Now, you could watch these educational broadcasts live from your Computer &  Laptop. So, stay where ever you are and do whatever you are doing and still have access..!!
And as you all know some of the best features of Freedocast:
- High quality streaming & VOD
- Private Channels
- Custom Brand Player
- Lock your live streams(secure)
- 24x7 Live support
- Ad Revenue share program.
- Invite Friends
- Clear Reports
So, what are you waiting for??
“Make your own path and leave a trail for others”.
Let Freedocast help you in this sincere endeavor..!!
Come join us & transform yourself into an EDUCASTER today..!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


Freedocast Launches FREEDOCAST - WIRECAST:
July 12th, 2010 : A revolution in the field of LIVE Broadcasting....

Hey, guys !!! Now own a studio  & transform your PC, Desktop or Laptop into a LIVE Studio TV.. FREE..!!!

Incredible...!!!!!! Right...???

Freedocast proudly launched FREEDOCAST-WIRECAST, a new application tool for all its broadcasters & users across the globe. Now, you can Broadcast LIVE all your events from any location - All you need is a computer & an internet connection. Freedocast-Wriecast lets you stream multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as movies, images, sounds, etc. Features including Chroma key (blue/green screen), transitions and built-in titles allow you to create beautiful, professional broadcast productions for live on-demand distribution on the web.

Concisely speaking, you have all the following features to enjoy:
1) Easily import audio & video from existing files.
2) Browse, drag & drop audio & video files.
3) Switch between different cameras in real time.
4) Edit & customize your shots.
5) Add transitions, effects, titles, advertisements & much more as per your choice.
6) Share your desktop to enable an interactive session for various broadcasting.
7) Use picture in picture, add videos in video & many such exciting features.
8) Make changes "LIVE" easily using an excellent feature called "Auto-Live".

In short YOU OWN a COMPLETE STUDIO on your COMPUTER, for FREE..!!!!
These & many more attributes & exciting features of Freedocast-Wirecast  software. makes it a handy tool for all its broadcasters & users across the globe.

So, what are you waiting for...???? Start using FREEDOCAST-WIRECAST and transform yourself to a PRO..!!