Live streaming is one of the most futuristic technologies of the time, that has gained popularity among the common populace because of its myriad possibilities. One of the highly mention-worthy Pros of the process is that it has brought the power of live broadcasting which resided only in the hands of the mainstream media, to the hands of a common man. Live streaming was made possible through mobiles in the recent times which let the people live stream from anywhere they wished. But the quality of the broadcast was a limitation that had obstructed the process from developing into a full-fledged one.

And then came the live streaming devices which eliminated the limitations and let the people use live streaming to its full extent. This amazing technology though in its infancy has already been explored for commercial purposes and is already breaking barriers with its range of applications both in the case of individuals and the Organizations.

As many are still unaware of the potential advantages of Live streaming we have decided to mention a few along with the downsides. Check them out.

Live Streaming Pros

  • For Individuals
    • Live streaming can be profitable to the individuals as it can lead them into the spotlight.
    • It also can be used to make profitable businesses like teaching music classes in live, DIY Crafts, Educational Videos, Tutorials, etc., all of which can be used to earn money or fame.
    • Live streaming can be beneficial in developing personal relations too. One can use it to stream moments of personal achievements like graduation ceremonies, marriage, etc.
  • Organizations
    • Organizations can benefit more from live streaming as they can allocate more resources.
    • Corporate Events like Product Launches, Conferences, Cultural Events, Anniversaries, etc., can be live streamed on the internet to gain viewership or attention among the populace. This is more useful to the Public dependent companies.
    • Organizations which are into the video making businesses can profit even more since live broadcast to mainstream media is a complicated and expensive process. Though the reach of the audience is inferior at the moment, with the growing usage of internet among the common populace the inferiority doesn’t make a difference in the future.
    • Live streaming devices let you create live channels which let you broadcast to many platforms at once which in turn increases the audience reach tremendously. Live streaming channels which is a concept of next generation has the potential to equal the mainstream media. This is advantageous since it delivers the possibility of earning through ads.
    • Conference Meetings are going to be much easier if the live streaming technology is adapted into the companies.

Live Streaming Cons

As much as live streaming has its benefits, the possibility of it having a negative effect is highly likely. Here are some of the areas that live streaming can be a disadvantage.

  • Live Streaming an event requires hard work. It requires significant resources, sturdy planning and down to the minute execution. If not done right, small reasons like meagre quality sound, pixelized video, blackouts, etc., may damage the company’s reputation.
  • Failure in advertising can cause considerable losses. The lack of audience could be a problem if an event is planned solely for an online audience.

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  • Since the internet is an ocean, there is a very little chance that the unsatisfied audience might come back to your live stream another time. The chances of them stumbling across the channel is close to zero. So, a huge amount of work can go on to become waste if anything goes wrong.


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