One of the interesting notions about live streaming is that it can be used for plenty of things. Though not familiar with a large amount of common population, video streaming is one of the fastest growing industries and marketing tool in the current world. Many people and organizations have enjoyed the fruit of live broadcasting as they have discovered a way that can be beneficial to them. This dilemma is what causing individuals/ organizations taking a positive step towards it. If you have a business that requires marketing – live video streaming is your best bet. If you want to make a career that needs exposure, this is your big ticket to success.

Profitable Live Streaming Ideas that can Make you a starThere are many articles in our blog that emphasized the various benefits of live broadcasting. Since the sector is an ocean of benefits, covering them all one by one will make it close to impossible. We will still keep trying to explain the various benefits in detail but, in the meanwhile, this article will let you know all the inexplicable benefits briefly.

Check out some of the most interesting Live Streaming Ideas

  1. Cooking

There are a ton of recipes online, none of which guarantee the final product is the one that they have actually prepared. Now, if you are a great chef, the Live streaming video offers an edge over every other offline video since it is, well, live, and allows the people to actually see what you are doing and how long did you prepare it.

  1. Dance classes

Another idea which actually lets people interact with the teachers while learning. This is a great business idea for the individuals who want to make a career online.

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  1. News Delivery

In a fun and a creative way. The news is often considered serious and there isn’t much fun going around the deliverance. If you are the type of person that can make something creative and funny out of the ordinary, streaming news live can be your type of thing.

  1. Workouts

A lot of working individuals lack the time to go to a gym so they prepare a little workout space for themselves at home. They will have most of the equipment that can let them gain that almighty six pack but due to the lack of training that equipment just lies aside for years without ever being touched. Live streaming for these individuals at a standard time or their own time along with them can be considered a profitable option for those who want to make money online.

  1. Painting

Kids love to paint, so does the adults. All they don’t have is the time to do it regularly. They can learn via the offline videos but one doubt during the session or one wrong explanation is all it takes for them to lose interest. Live streaming burns this bridge of miscommunication and allows the masters to be in touch with their students. Doing live classes for the interested people in their own time, seems like a good idea, particularly when they can pay you for your mastery.

  1. Makeup and Hair Tutorials

Live Makeup and Hair Tutorials- Sounds redundant but one must agree that Makeup and Haircare industry constitutes a significant part of many markets. And there are many people who possess limited knowledge on how to do it themselves. This is a potential gateway to live streamers and makeup artists to make a self-dependent career.

  1. Movie/ Book Reviews

Some of the best channels on Youtube are about Movie and Game Reviews. Book Reviews are not too popular in this non-book reading world but it is a good idea to do a live stream video reviewing a movie, book or a game. If your review is good it might catch on to become a trend.

  1. Unboxing

Unboxing videos are the most common ones offline and gather a considerable number of views because one thing that human beings are known for, is curiosity. Doing these in live can be a profitable idea if you already have a steady number of followers on your social media platform.

  1. Q & A or Interview

Some of the most important philosophical concepts are easily made understood by Q & A sessions. This is the reason why we always see interviews with eminent personalities from different fields on television. Be it an eminent personality or an ordinary person, ideas are always a good thing to discuss. And if it is an interesting notion one can attract a good number of people to the live stream.

  1. Repairs and Services

One of the most underrated and rarely selected topics in videos is the quick fixing of products. Some services and repairs, be it on the bikes, cars, home appliances or any other device/gadgets, are easy if we have a basic idea. One can show various of these in live and spread the knowledge along with making money through live streams.

  1. Event Streaming

Many Events which are not broadcast on Mainstream media like DJ Events, Music Concerts, College Sports/ Cultural Events, Corporate Cultural Events, etc., can be catered to the Netizens using live broadcast. Proper advertising for such events might earn you income through ads too.

Other than these, live streaming can be put to good use in many sectors as a marketing technique which will be discussed in detail in our further articles.


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