Alternative to the mainstream media, the web media has gained much prominence these days and is being used by the celebrities and politicians to be in touch with their fans and also by different companies to create themselves a network and business opportunities. These are also being used by Colleges, Corporate Offices and Individuals to stream live Events, Sports, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Student Festivals, Alumni Events etc.

10 Reasons why you should stream your event online, using FreedocastAny Event, Celebrity Interview or Program is being streamed live on different mediums like Facebook live, Youtube Live, Twitter, etc. The streaming has proven useful and has led to the necessity of streaming on multiple platforms simultaneously.

This is where Freedocast comes into the equation. Freedocast allows you to stream your content live on mediums like Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitter, etc. There are multiple reasons why you should use Freedocast for your live streaming purposes. Check them out.

Streaming on Multiple Platforms

Freedocast allows you to stream your video in HD quality on Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Periscope, Twitter or any custom URL of your choice simultaneously.

HD Video

The device allows you to stream HD Videos live. It comes with an app that acts like a remote and helps you control the quality of the broadcast.

Wi-Fi/ Ethernet Support

Since the device supports Wi-Fi and Ethernet, the streaming can be more fluid and sans further effort.

Larger Audience

Streaming your event live on different platforms simultaneously can help many people to attend the event virtually. This way, the event will attract a larger audience which is not restricted to your proximity.

Video Archive

Video Archiving option in Freedocast helps the users to keep a record of their streamed content. The record can be useful for those who have missed event in the first place and also for the hosts to watch it again if necessary.

Password Protected Events

The events that are being streamed live can be restricted to a certain audience with the help of this option. The password protection helps the restriction of the content and limits the wastage of flow.

Increased Attendance

Studies have proved that live streaming of events like Weddings, Birthday Parties, College/ Corporate/ Sports Events, etc., has gained an increase of attendance by 30% on the whole. On any given day, there will always be people who cannot attend the event physically for various reasons. Live streaming gives them an option to attend it at their comfort.

Pay per view

Freedocast also allows a pay per view option which is helpful for the users to gain some money for the broadcasting of the information. This is much helpful for the users who earn through live conferences and Seminars.

Geo Blocking

This feature of Freedocast allows users to restrict their content to certain geological locations. The feature is also useful for the targeting of content flow to specific regions.

Ads Integration

This is another useful feature of Freedocast that can help you earn money or promote your business. The process of integration is simple and is very useful to the users.


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